WU Yang-sheng,LIN Jia-peng,WANG Li-qin,et al.Transcriptome profiling of ovine follicles during growth from small to middle antral sizes[J].,2016,(04):832-842.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.100-4440.2016.04.019]





Transcriptome profiling of ovine follicles during growth from small to middle antral sizes
新疆畜牧科学院生物技术研究所,新疆 乌鲁木齐 830000
WU Yang-shengLIN Jia-pengWANG Li-qinCHEN YingHUANG Jun-cheng
Biological Technology Research Institute, Xinjiang Academy of Animal Science, Urumqi 830000, China)
ovine small follicle middle follicle transcriptome follicle selection
卵泡的选择和发育过程涉及到卵泡内多种基因表达的变化和调控。绵羊卵泡的选择和发育过程与卵泡直径变化密切相关。以绵羊健康小卵泡(1~2 mm)和中卵泡(3~4 mm)为材料,进行RNA测序,分析小卵泡发育至中卵泡过程转录组水平变化特征。在分子功能上显著变化的基因主要涉及酶活性的调节和离子结合;在细胞组分上显著变化的基因主要涉及细胞外基质和质膜蛋白;在生物学过程上显著变化的基因主要涉及细胞增殖的正调控、细胞通讯、免疫和刺激反应等过程。KEGG分析差异基因富集的通路主要是补体和凝血级联反应,吞噬小体,细胞因子-细胞因子受体相互作用,TGF-β信号通路和轴突导向等。从小卵泡到中卵泡表达上调的有脂代谢相关基因(APOA1、APOD、APOE),胰岛素样生长因子路径基因(IGFBP1、IGFBP7),肿瘤生长因子beta途径基因(INHBA),核心蛋白多糖基因(DCN),血管发生基因(MGP),跨膜4超家族成员1基因(TM4SF1),胞外基质重建基因(MMP1、MMP13),五聚素3基因(PTX3),金属蛋白酶组织抑制剂1基因(TIMP1)。从小卵泡到中卵泡表达下调的主要有转录因子C-FOS、EGR1、FOSB和线粒体编码的脱氢酶家族基因MT-ND1、MT-ND5、MT-ND6等。这些基因的表达变化表明绵羊卵泡的选择过程可能涉及到IGF和TGFb通路的抑制,脂代谢、血管生成的增强以及细胞增殖能力下降等生物过程。
Follicular development and selection is a dynamic process and involves many genes expression changes. The selection and development of sheep follicle is closely related to the change of the diameter of follicle. In this study, healthy ovine small (diameter 1-2 mm ) and middle (diameter 3-4 mm ) follicles were used for RNA sequencing and gene expression pattern identification. Gene ontology analysis revealed that ovine follicular genes differed primarily in molecular functions of enzyme activity regulation and ion binding protein, in cellular components of extracellular matrix and plasma membrane, in biological behaviors of positive regulation of cell proliferation, cell communication, and immune stimulation response. Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG) analysis showed that the differential genes pathways enrichment were dominated by pathways of complement and coagulation cascades, phagosome, cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction, TGF-beta signaling pathway, and axon guidance. From small follicle to middle follicles, genes upregulated includes lipid metabolism-related genes ( APOA1,APOD and APOE),IGF pathway genes (IGFBP1 and IGFBP7),TGFb pathway genes (DCN and INHBA),angiogenesis-related genes (MGP and TM4SF1), and extracellular matrix reconstruction genes (MMP1,MMP13,PTX3,and TIMP1), etc.. Genes down-regulated includes transcription factor genes C-FOS, EGR1, and FOSB), mitochondrially-encoded NADH dehydrogenase family members MT-ND1,MT-ND5,and MT-ND6. The results suggest that follicular selection may involve IGF and TGFb pathways inhibition, lipid metabolism and angiogenesis increase, and decline of cell proliferation.


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