TAI Yu-ling,YANG Lin,WANG Huan-huan,et al.Identification of new transcription factors related to the synthesis of characteristic components in tea[J].,2021,(06):1534-1544.[doi:doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-4440.2021.05.023]





Identification of new transcription factors related to the synthesis of characteristic components in tea
TAI Yu-ling12YANG Lin1WANG Huan-huan1LIU Chun1
(1.School of Life Science, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei 230036, China;2.State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei 230036, China)
teatranscription factortheaninecatechincaffeine
茶是世界流行的三大无酒精饮料之一,由茶树叶片加工而成,因其中含有三大茶树特征代谢产物(儿茶素、茶氨酸和咖啡碱)而具有独特风味。转录因子不仅在植物生长发育中起重要调控作用,也影响植物的次级代谢产物合成,而茶树中关于转录因子调控儿茶素,茶氨酸和咖啡碱的报道较少。本研究结合茶树全器官转录组数据与茶树基因组数据重构转录本,获得大量新基因和新转录本,进而结合茶树不同器官中儿茶素、茶氨酸和咖啡碱的含量差异,分别建立茶树中儿茶素、茶氨酸和咖啡碱与差异表达基因之间的相关性,筛选鉴定与茶树中儿茶素、茶氨酸和咖啡碱相关的基因及转录因子,并分别对与茶树中儿茶素、茶氨酸和咖啡碱合成相关的3条转录因子WAKY、bZIP、BES基因进行克隆,结果表明,其ORF框大小分别为1 011 bp,1 692 bp和867 bp,与转录组分析结果一致。
Tea is one of the three major non-alcoholic beverages in the world. It is processed from tea leaves and has unique flavor due to the three characteristic metabolites (catechin, theanine and caffeine) of tea. Transcription factors not only play an important role in the regulation of plant growth and development, but also affect the synthesis of secondary metabolites. There are few reports on the regulation of catechin, theanine and caffeine by transcription factors in tea plants. In this study, a large number of new genes and transcripts were reconstructed by combining whole-organ transcriptome data with genomic data of tea tree. Furthermore, the correlation between catechin, theanine and caffeine and differentially expressed genes was established based on the content differences of catechin, theanine and caffeine in different organs of tea tree. The genes transcripts and transcription factors related to the three characteristic metabolic components of tea tree were screened and identified. In addition, three transcription factors (WAKY, bZIP and BES) genes associated with the synthesis of catechin, theanine and caffeine in tea tree were cloned, and the sizes of open reading frame (ORF) were 1 011 bp, 1 692 bp and 867 bp, respectively. The results were consistent with those of transcriptome analysis.


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