HU Ting-ting,HE Wan-wan,WANG You-shuang,et al.Phenotypic analysis and gene mapping of a green-revertible albino mutant al14 in rice[J].,2021,(06):1361-1369.[doi:doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-4440.2021.05.001]





Phenotypic analysis and gene mapping of a green-revertible albino mutant al14 in rice
HU Ting-tingHE Wan-wanWANG You-shuangWANG Jian-kangDING Cheng-weiGUO Rong-liangWU Yu-lingZHAO Yi-peng
(Xuzhou Institute of Agricultural Sciences of the Xuhuai District of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou 221121, China)
ricegreen-revertible albino mutantchloroplast developmentmitochondrial ADP/ATP transporter
本研究从徐稻3号群体中获得1个可稳定遗传的白化转绿自然突变体al14,与野生型相比,突变体al14出苗后白化,三叶期后转绿,白化叶的叶绿素含量显著降低。整个生育期除抽穗期和株高外,其他农艺性状和野生型无显著差异。经透射电镜观察,白化叶片中大部分叶绿体发育异常,类囊体膜数量变少,片层结构松散;遗传分析结果表明,该白化转绿突变性状由1对隐形核基因控制。利用突变体al14/9311的F2群体中白化表现明显个体精细定位,最终将突变基因al14定位到第1染色体短臂标记al14-3和al14-10之间,物理距离为100.5 kb。测序发现突变体在该区间内编码线粒体底物ADP/ATP转运子的基因Os01g0265200终止密码子前插入了18 bp碱基,编码氨基酸发生改变。结合叶绿体发育、叶绿素合成等相关基因的实时荧光定量PCR结果和表型,推测该基因可能调控幼苗叶绿体发育。
In this study, a green-revertible albino mutant al14 was obtained from Xudao 3 population. Compared with wild type, mutant al14 exhibited albinotic leaves at seedling stage and the leaves gradually turned green after three-leaf stage, and the chlorophyll content of albinotic leaves decreased significantly. Except plant height and heading date, there was no significant difference in other agronomic traits between wild type and al14 mutant. With a transmission electron microscopy, defective chloroplasts with less thylakoid were observed in albinotic leaves of al14 mutant, and the lamellar structure was loose. The results of genetic analysis indicated that the phenotype of a114 was controlled by a pair of recessive nuclear gene. The gene al14 was mapped to a 100.5 kb region between the InDel markers al14-3 and al14-10 on chromosome 1. The gene Os01g0265200 encoding mitochondrial ADP/ATP transporter was identified as a candidate gene based on a 18 bp insertion in the front of termination codon, this insertion resulted in altered transcription. Combined with the results of real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR and phenotype of genes associated with chloroplast development and chlorophyll biosynthesis, it is speculated that al14 may be the key gene for regulating chloroplast development at early seedling stage.


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