KANG Xia mei,HE Shen hong,REN Shao ke,et al.Research progress of Bibersteinia trehalosi[J].,2019,(04):980-985.[doi:doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-4440.2019.04.033]





Research progress of Bibersteinia trehalosi
KANG XiameiHE ShenhongREN ShaokeLIU WeiLI XiaoyanCAO LitingGUO Jianhua CHENG Fangjun
(College of Animal Science, Southwest University, Chongqing 402460, China)
Bibersteinia trehalosi genomic characteristics pathogenicity detection methods
海藻糖比伯斯坦杆菌(Bibersteinia trehalosi)属于巴氏杆菌科比伯斯坦杆菌属,是健康羊上呼吸道(鼻咽)和扁桃体正常菌群的一部分。然而,越来越多研究结果表明,海藻糖比伯斯坦杆菌能够感染反刍动物,引起牛呼吸道疾病(BRD)和羊的肺炎,导致其繁殖性能下降,生长发育不良,甚至死亡。目前,海藻糖比伯斯坦杆菌在中国报道较少,为了更好地预防和控制反刍动物呼吸道疾病的发生,需要对海藻糖比伯斯坦杆菌进行深入研究。本文从病原学、致病机制、致病性、基因组特征、检测方法和治疗措施等方面综述了海藻糖比伯斯坦杆菌的研究进展,并对其研究趋势进行了展望。
Bibersteinia trehalosi belongs to Bibersteinia genus of the Pasteurellaceae family. It is a part of the normal microflora of the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx) and the tonsil in healthy sheep. However, more and more results showed that Bibersteinia trehalosi could infect ruminants and cause bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and sheep pneumonia, resulting in decreased reproductive performance, poor growth, and even death. At present, there were few reports about Bibersteinia trehalosi in China. In order to better prevent and control the occurrence of respiratory diseases in ruminants, it was necessary to conduct indepth research on Bibersteinia trehalosi. In this paper, the research progress of Bibersteinia trehalosi was summarized from the aspects of etiology, pathogenicity, pathogenesis, genomic characteristics, detection methods and therapeutic measures, and the research trend was prospected.


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